Alien Cowboy

I have started to work on a new character (and going to finish this one)  It is an cowboy alien right before he draws his guns in a dual.. atm  just roughing out my idea. C&C always welcome


Waste disposal animation

A quick render test of a prety big anymation project I am working on at E2-projects. I will post some more later on this week and keep you all updated on the progress of this broject.

The Demon

Starting my blog off with a image of a demon I made in Zbrush and rendered in 3D max with Vray.. Still wip and I am not sure I will finish it since I am already moving to new projects.

>My blog is life

>Hello World….
Well finally I made the step to create a blog. Now it is up to me to make sure I will keep this updated with the best pictures, news, review, time lapse zbrush doodles, tutorials etc. so please check back regular to make sure you don’t miss any updates…

Hello world!

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